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House call $25/hour
Free Diagnostics
No Fix - No Charge
Computer Hang-ups
Speed-up Slow Computers
Tune-Up and more
Minimum 1 hour
Memory upgrade
Hardware repair or replacement
Faster CPU install
Video/Audio cards
Networking issues
Power supply repair
Any hardware replacement
Cost of hardware extra
Windows restore
Windows upgrade
Virus removal
Malware, spyware removal
Install security packs and Windows updates
Reinstalling Windows
Including antivirus scan
Backup, rebuild and restore users's data
Repair or replacement of defective hardware
Reinstall all user's programs
Cost of hardware extra
May require customer's licenses or original CD's

Computer Repair Carlsbad

Digital Language Corporation • (760) 576-4220 •

What We Do...

We provide complete computer services. We perform all kinds of work related to computer technologies: build new computers, refurbish old systems, clean viruses, build home and small business networks, design and host web pages and websites, install wireless Internet, provide classes and instructions, and, if you don't have Internet, we can give you access to it. We guarantee our work.

Bulletproof Computing System (BCS)

At Last, You Can Afford Your Own IT Department. Not a Minute of Downtime.

Anyone who has ever wondered how to stay problem free in today's Computer–Internet environment will appreciate the new system that we have developed for our customers. As my teacher used to say: You want to be healthy — study health, you want to be rich — study rich. In my words: You want a computer free of problems — study computers... Hmm, you may say we've heard that, but really, who has time to read the manual? We've taken that trouble for you. The funny thing is, when you buy a car you have to pass the drivers test and get a license. Then you have operating costs such as insurance and gasoline, and maintenance costs for oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, etc… and most people know the consequences of neglecting any of these issues. With computers, however, nobody requires you to have a license. Computer manufacturers make owning a computer look so easy and people easily fall into that trap. But today, computers and the Internet are very complex systems. A computer is like a car or a human body — it needs maintenance, sort of an oil change, and tune-ups or annual checkups. If you don't do that, pretty soon your computer may become ill or unfriendly. To make a long story short, we have a solution for you.

First Level

For those who are willing to learn the basics on how to maintain a computer's health and safely navigate through the hidden threats of the internet, we developed the BCS #1.  We provide instructions on:  virus–free computing, using the internet, setting up home networks, using wireless Internet, backing up your data, recovering from disasters, and a lot more.  The idea behind it is that if you learn the basics you will have fewer problems — fewer visits to DLC.  It includes our well known services, Complete System Rebuild (FSR) and Remote Problem Resolution (RPR). Basically, you will have a virtual IT department at your command.  The cost is $360/year or $35/month. Pay as you go. Quit any time — no contract.
Residential only.
Response time 48 hours.

Data Back-up or Recovery

$60.00 for a standard backup. CD or Tape back-ups are available for an additional fee. Clients requiring backup data away from our office will be charged for media. Your data may be placed onto a website (FTP) accessible with a password, so you can download it later, at your convenience.


Average cost is $150.00 per cable drop up to 200 ft. This includes all materials needed to go from the hub to the system (patch panels not included).

Virus scan and its physical removal ONLY

$35.00 (one engine) without fine-tuning. Customer will deal with virus consequences. No guarantee that Windows will be operational.

Windows Operational System INSTALL

In case of:
Single partition
And drivers provided
And NO data recovery or transfer
$45 Windows 95, 98, Millennium
$60 Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7
In case of:
HDD re-partitioned
Or multiple boot
Or driver research
Or data recovery & transfer back onto a new system
$90 Windows 95, 98, Millennium
$120 Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Application install: $25
All Microsoft Windows and Office updates to bring the system current: $35

Second Level

For those who don't want to learn anything or don't care.  It's like when your doctor tells you to quit smoking and drinking, or you'll die, but you continue to enjoy what you've been doing… or a car mechanic recommends a tire rotation but you don't care about the longevity of your tires and you continue to drive like it is.  For those, we will keep your computer in top-notch condition.  All you have to do is, when your computer crashes, bring it to DLC for a 15 minute reset.  You can do it as many times as you need, no extra charge.  This service also includes everything from the First Level BCS.  The difference is, you don't have to know anything, read anything, or worry about anything. Rock it till it drops!   (See below) $490/year or $49/month.  Quit any time — no contract. Residential only. Response time 36 hours.

Virus - SpyWare Scan & Removal

$75.00 desktop, $95 laptop (in the shop) Virus scan and cleaning of most known viruses and SpyWare. This includes system repair, post-virus damage, fine-tuning, optimization, and "a face lift." If no viruses are found - there is one billed hour. To ensure 99% accuracy, the virus scan is done using four different scan engines (Norton, McAfee, AVG, and PcCillin). If virus damage is irreparable, the payment is applicable towards complete system rebuild.

For the "Browser Hijack" phenomenon add $25

Remote Problem Resolution

$9.00/month $95/year, over the phone, and/or over the Internet (unlimited # of incidents, Internet access required on client computer, does not include house calls).

Cost of Diagnostics

Initial Diagnostics are FREE of charge (normally takes about 5-10 min). If your system needs further, more detailed testing it will be included in the invoice. If we find the problem and offer a solution, but you decide not to fix your computer, you will be billed for only one hour. If the reported problem could not be replicated in the presence of our technician, it is still one hour. If the reason we cannot fix your computer is that you forgot your passwords, we will still charge you for the time we've put into identifying the problem.

If we fail to identify the problem, you owe us nothing!

In-Shop Repair: $55/hour
On-Site Repair: $95/hour
Memory install/upgrade: $20
Microprocessor (CPU) install/upgrade: $30
Pick up or delivery: $35 (one way, up to 50 mile)
Other Hardware Installations: $55/hour
*Cost of hardware extra.

Full System Restore

$9.00/month per computer $95/year (see notes), to restore to "Factory Default" condition. This means that, if for any reason your computer stops working or crashes after repairs were done, we will bring it back to its original condition, i.e. when you picked it up from DLC in working order. DOES NOT include rescue of your COMPLETE DATA, which you have created after the computer was repaired or rebuilt (see BCS #1 and BCS #2). We also optimize your system, and download and install ALL critical patches from Microsoft. This also includes a complete Virus/SpyWare scan and removal. Instead of paying $160–$220 each time for lengthy system rebuilds from scratch, this is a better alternative. Remember, computers do crash — your work and your nerves may be spoiled for many days.

One Time Technical Support / Problem Resolution

$25.00 for remote problem resolution, over the phone, and/or over the Internet (per incident, Internet access required on client computer). Charged to your Credit Card. No–Help — No–Charge as usual.

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