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What you need to know about Viruses and SpyWare before submitting your computer for repair

It is no longer safe to have a computer connected to the Internet without proper protection. Viruses are programs that are created by wicked people who aim to disrupt your work. They can be something harmless, from a "running away" mouse cursor to a total wipe out of your data. SpyWare programs open your computer to the entire world. Your computer becomes vulnerable to hackers' attacks and the results of those attacks are hard to predict. Hackers can steal your data, identity, and plant other spying programs that keep track of your activities. They can also dial expensive 900 numbers without your consent and subject you to a high phone bill, etc. Anti-virus software and firewalls are the means to protect against such threats. Ask your DLC representative how we can help you in the future to be free of Viruses and Spyware. This can be done.

Some viruses may damage your Windows software, making it difficult to repair. If we determine that your Windows program is beyond repair, we will recommend reloading it. That means everything on your hard drive will be deleted and your computer will be like new. You therefore need to back up your data before such repair or discuss it with DLC in advance, so we can do the back up for you.

How do viruses get into your computer? There are three ways:

  1. Native vulnerabilities of the operating system. Microsoft finds those once in a while and patches them, so your job is to update your computer periodically;
  2. Through hackers' attacks who exploit opened ports;
  3. Through e-mail.

1st and 2nd are being taken care of by firewalls and updates, 3rd is taken care of by current anti-virus software.

In case you need to reload Windows, you will have to consider rescuing your data. You should discuss that with us prior to our performing any re-installation. Keep in mind that, your anti-virus software is only good if it is up-to-date. This means it has to have all the latest virus definitions. Imagine, you drive a car with last year's insurance and have an accident today, what will happen?

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